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Here’s Why You Should Care

Ketogenic Diet,Here's Why You Should Care

What is it that I’m doing here and why is it important?

In other words, why should you care about this website?

You already have so much information on your plate from all of the other content that you read, and this is just another website in the midst of it all. Right?

Even though this is what you’re thinking right now, you may want to read on. You’ll be glad that you did.

The hallmark of my project is to simplify everything for you into one resource that brings peace and clarity to your mind.

When I do research, I get confused, annoyed, frustrated at conflicting information and overwhelmed at all of the choices that I have.

No matter how far and wide I searched for the solution, I always found myself getting lost in the maze of information overload and analysis paralysis. The solution didn’t exist.

And that’s why I decided to create the solution, and then bring it to everyone who was struggling like me. 

If you’re still getting bombarded with articles of a new study claiming that eggs and red meat are horrible for your health (they’re not), then you probably understand where I’m coming from.

Fortunately, through years and years of study, I have managed to acquire the resources and the information that actually work, and then applied it and tested it on myself to confirm it does.

When I write my content, my goal is to bring you lazer clarity so that you can charge forward on your quest of becoming better.

If there are superb articles of a concept I’m discussing that other people have already written, then I will link you to those. There is no point in me trying to one-up an article that holistically covers a concept. That is more information overload and neglects the goal of simplicity that I have for you.

This Journey is RAW.

I don’t have all of the answers… yet.

I’m not bragging or proclaiming that I will hold the key to enlightenment at any point in my life, but I do feel fortunate that I have experienced so much and learned such important principles at my young age.

So as I progressively create new content for your eyes, I am documenting my learnings with my own struggles and experiences, which you might relate to strongly. I am still learning and still making mistakes. I am far from perfect.

My goal is to save you years and years of the same struggles and frustrations that I experienced by packing my work with so much care and value that you have no choice but to learn and grow from it.

Let me outline my principles to you very quickly:

Biohacking is the art and science of manipulating your environment around you and inside of you to achieve an optimal state of body, mind, and spirit. It is my job to provide the most accessible and practical tools for you to fix yourself.

Body, mind, and spirit; if you’re not focused on all three, then you are neglecting important aspects of well-being.

My project targets the four pillars of optimal health: movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress. Biohacking is the tools we use to improve all four of these to optimize body, mind, and spirit.

Here’s something that I learned the hard way: if you are neglecting your well-being, then you literally lower the odds of yourself finding happiness, good relationships, financial abundance, and a fulfilled life, which I will get to in a second.

One other integral aspect of well-being is holistic health of your cells themselves.

Humans are bio-electric creatures, and cells are the functional aspect of our electricity. 

In Jerry L. Tennant’s tremendous book, “Healing is Voltage: The Handbook,” he explains how cells are designed to operate using 20 to 25 millivolts of electricity, and that it takes 50 millivolts for your body to create new cells.

The most simplified explanation of chronic disease is when functionality of your cells drops below 20 millivolts and your cells cannot product the 50 millivolts needed to create new cells.

In short, charging up your cells is vital to living a long, healthy, and happy life. Integrating a cellular explanation into research is crucial in understanding WHY something is good or bad for you. I do my best to provide you information about what happens on the cellular level so that you can feel confident that what you’re reading really works.

Cells also hold the keys to manifesting your desires.

Wealth, happiness, freedom, fulfillment, love, good relationships. The best place to start with all of these?

It’s not a $2000 course on how to make money online;

It’s not with a relationship guru or marriage counselor;

It starts with your cells. And more specifically, the molecules, proteins, and atoms that make up your cells.

To understand this, we have to look at the implications of quantum mechanics in the human body. When you examine an atom, you see the protons, neutrons, and electrons which it is comprised of. But what are these particles made of?

This is the question that quantum physicists have explored for us. And what they found is that these particles are comprised of nothing physical; it is ENERGY that comprises these particles.

It is the implications of energy, which can be altered by emotion, stress, lifestyle choices and your environment, which holds the true keys to your future.

Looking further into energy, it is important to note that every object and immaterial thing on the face of the planet has it’s own unique vibration. Household items, colors, shapes, thoughts, emotions, your dogs and cats, your own body; you name it. Everything. These vibrations determine the quality of the energy within your body.

Ben Greenfield described waves and frequencies better than I ever could, writing:

“Let’s take a closer look at how an emotion can actually create a specific vibratory frequency. If you’ve ever opened a physics book, you’ve probably seen a “wave”. One cycle of a wave is referred to as a frequency, and frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz), or number of waves per second, which means one wave cycle in one second would be one Hz. A high frequency would involve lots of waves per second, while a low frequency would involve just a few cycles per second.

The height of a wave can also be measured, and is referred to as “voltage”: a wave can be high voltage or low voltage. In addition, the power of a wave is called “amperage”: waves can have plenty of power behind them (high amp waves), or little power behind them (low amp waves). In addition, a wave’s vibration can be smooth or it can be angular, and a wave can have a regular pattern or it can have an irregular pattern. Ultimately the combination of the speed, height, power, smoothness and regularity of a wave are used to define the “vibration” of the wave. In other words, vibration is the resulting pattern of all the variables of a wave. As you can imagine, there are billions of combinations of these functions.

Here’s what’s important to understand: every object on the face of the planet, from the simplest molecule to a tiny mouse to an enormous elephant to your own body has its own unique vibrational fingerprint, a fingerprint created from the infinite combinations of vibrations. Some physical objects have lower and slower vibrations and some higher and faster vibrations.”

Do you want to see further proof of the power of vibrations and the impact that thoughts, feelings, and emotions can have? Look no further than Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment. The emotions attached to the words being spoken to an object determined the way it looked to a drastic degree.

The HeartMath Institute published a study showing that the heart’s electrical field is 60x more powerful than the brain’s, and can interact with people several feet away. The heart has tremendous bearing of stress and emotion (HRV), and actually has the power to impact the people around you. This gives scientific validity to saying somebody gave you “good vibes” or “bad vibes.” Literally, that person was vibrating at either a lower or higher frequency than you and, communicating with you through their heart’s electrical field, influenced your own vibration.

This speaks to the power of surrounding yourself with the right people and in a positive environment.

Further, Dr. David Hawkins, author of “Transcending The Levels of Consciousness,” teaches how different emotions are correlated with certain vibratory frequencies, and he calculates them on a scale of 1-1000. Higher levels of vibration are associated with love and enlightenment, whereas lower levels are associated with fear, anger, stress, and shame.

Anything below a level of 200 is negative (force), and anything that vibrates at or above 200 is positive (power). Additionally, the vibrations of your body carry implications of your overall health. Dr. David Hawkins, as well as Dr. Bruce Lipton, teach that illness arise from suppressed and repressed negative emotions which are associated on the lower end of the vibratory spectrum. The vibrations of your body affects the voltage of your cells.

As a point of reference, 85% of the human race calibrates below the vital level of 200. This speaks to the ills of society, which I will talk more about in a second.

Now, tying this all back to cellular energy and manifesting your desires, these vibrations attract more of the same. For example, a frequency of around 540 hertz (with the emotional attachment “joy”) begins to manifest miracles into your life. If you are consistently vibrating on the lower end of the spectrum, then you are going to continue to manifest stress and negativity into your life.

Negative thinking patterns have extreme bearing over your vibration. If you have recurring anxiety, PTSD, stress, or depression, it is paramount that you relinquish those feelings so that you can raise your vibrations, live a healthy life, and attract your dreams and desires to you. I provide my comprehensive manual for how to do that in my book.

In short, manipulating the energy within your body and boosting your vibration is paramount to healthy living and key to achieving what you desire. As an example, Medium writer Fernando Aguilar recently wrote a very good article on using vibrations to attract money here.

Modern allopathic medicine neglects the existence of energy in the human body…

And only treats diseases and illnesses from the perspective of the physical embodiment of cells. Newtonian principles, which modern allopathic medicine is based on, only acknowledge the chemical signals within a cell that can have an effect on protein molecules and cause them to move. This includes peptides, neurotransmitters, growth factors, hormones, and drugs. It completely neglects the quantum energy that resides in all of us. This is what modern medicine treats and bases their practices from.

This is incredibly detrimental to society (and YOU, perhaps), and is costing people their lives on a daily basis.

In fact, it is responsible for one out of every five deaths in Australia;

In the journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Barbara Starfield wrote that, based on conservative estimates, the practice of medicine in the United states is the third leading cause of death.

There is even a more recent study done by Gary Null, where he found that rather than being the third leading cause of death, death by medicine is the first leading cause with over 750,000 people dying from medical treatment each year.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote, “If medicine actually knew what it was doing, it wouldn’t be that lethal.”

So I view EVERY concept I teach through the lens of cell voltage and vibration.

That’s truly the only concept that matters.

Every single diet, exercise regime, success story, flourishing relationship, and religion can be explained through the cells and the energy within.

I would go as far as to argue that if you don’t get a cellular explanation for whatever it is you are reading about your body, then you are wasting your own time and contribute to your own information overload.

Be meticulous in who you decide to get your information from. Modern medicine does more harm than good and the media loves feeding them.

My emphasis of Biohacking targets the CELLS.

These new principles, tools, and technologies work because they target and heal on the cellular level.

It emphasizes epigenetics and the teachings of Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is the modern revolutionary who unearthed the implications of the quantum field theory within the human body.

With this knowledge comes empowerment. Understanding that your energy has an integral impact on your cells, proteins, and genes allows you to understand that your environmental and lifestyle choices (including your thinking patterns), play a huge role in determining your health and your ability to accomplish your goals.

The next logical question becomes: what are the most powerful and effective ways to optimize the energy within your cells?

Well, that is what my project is based around.

I am working towards unearthing and experimenting with a BUFFET of options, and recommending to you what works.

I examine biohacking tools on a cellular level. This way, you know EXACTLY what is happening in your body and why it is good.

I am a firm believer that this is the only way to fully and truly defeat misinformation and the shortcomings of society.

In short, this is what the Ben Kuriger Project is truly about. it’s about winning the battle against all misinformation, the mainstream media, modern health and nutrition practices, the flawed education system, crippling legislation and corruption worldwide, and any societal implications that are crushing people, ruining lives, and leaving the vast majority of the human population hopeless.

This, and empowering as many people as possible and changing countless lives.

This project isn’t going to happen overnight, and it is going to take your support to carry out.

If you are a champion for the truth, then you are the type of person who can change the world with me.

But changing the world is a long-term goal; I first want you to use this information to change your life.

And I want to see you here again, my friend…

Cheers to you. May this be the beginning of our long, abundant journey together.

4 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Care

  1. Fantastic article, Ben. I have studied manifesting for several years and there is not a lot of information out there like this. The guides of manifesting, law of attraction and spiritual ‘gurus’ all teach to just let go of what doesn’t serve you in your life. But they don’t tell you or explain how to do this within your own system. Which I believe if you don’t get that part, you will never reach the ‘letting go’ level and changing your life to manifest your dreams

    I am very interested in your book and method. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment Pam!
    I agree; I believe 95+% of law of attraction “gurus” lead people astray. They haven’t worked for me. This did.
    Wishing you the best!

  3. Hi Ben,

    It is very true that there are very controversial articles out there and it is easy to get lost towards finding the right things. This article is very well written and it is really full of valuable information. The majority of people does not know about vibrations, they need more guiding and someone who can open their eyes! Thank you for being one of them! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your comment Rebeka! I love sharing with people often-neglected information like this.
    i hope you have a splendid day!

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