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MyCTFO CBD Company Review

Ketogenic Diet

Disclaimer: Before I lead some astray, this opportunity is only currently available in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Sweden. However, stay tuned, because this opportunity is soon to expand worldwide!

Update: As of May 1, 2019, CTFO is now available in Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Finland!!

I was considering packaging all of this content into training and then selling it, but I value you too much to do that.

I provide my readers and my fans with the greatest value, and will never do you wrong. That is my undying promise to you. This title is not clickbait; IT IS REAL!

As a biohacker, some of the common themes I preach are as follows:

Wellness can be expensive. Acquiring the PROPER nutrients to put into your body can put a dent in your bank account. It’s the sad reality of the world we live in;

Money is stress. As Kanye says, “Having money’s not everything, not having it is.” Not having money consumes you and leaves a hollow pit in your stomach, eating away at your integrity and your pride. Money is important;

Stress isn’t wellness. When you have undying stress (such as worrying about your monthly mortgage), your cells are accumulating damage. You’re aging quicker, you’re vitality is dying, and your ambition suffers.

This is why I believe money is an important concept to living a healthy life, and this is why I am incorporating this page into my mission to help you.

If you’re reading this content right now, you’ve stumbled upon a gold mine. Your life is about to change FOREVER.

Seriously, good for you. Pat yourself on the back. You have maneuvered through the scam and the nonsense of the web and have finally stumbled upon the best passive income, wealth-generating opportunity that the internet has ever seen.

I truly believe this page you’re reading will change the course of your life and the life of your family for generations to come.

Does this sound too good to be true? I myself couldn’t believe this when I first started learning about it.

But here’s the thing:


Something important to know while you’re reading this is that I have been bitten by online scams and have lost a lot of money from them. I hate spam just as much as you do!

I have been to every corner of the internet and back. I have unearthed countless opportunities to make money, and they all come with their share of caveats. This opportunity has no caveats.

I am not leading you along this road only to realize that this isn’t a legitimate opportunity. I HATE spam. I assure you, this isn’t one. If you think it is, leave a comment below or contact me. Seriously, call me out if you think this isn’t as good as I say it is. That’s how confident I am in what I’m sharing with you.

The truth is, if you put the time and work into this, you are going to be rewarded and can retire wealthy. It’s THAT powerful.

But when I say time, this does not at all mean that this is going to take years and years of work before you reach your first payoff. You can start seeing commissions from this opportunity faster than any other passive income opportunity I’ve ever found.

The beautiful part about this method is that you can use LEVERAGE to achieve as much wealth and freedom as you truly desire…

You don’t need money, you don’t need a website, and you don’t need a huge social media following. All you need to earn incredible profits through this is internet connection, persistent focus, and a bit of resourcefulness.

Literally anybody can profit from this. If you read this entire article, internalize it, and follow your own ambition and drive for success, then this is going to make you a lot of money!

It’s important that you read this entire article.

I am going to take a deep dive into the method and share with you EVERYTHING it takes to be successful with it.

For this reason, it is essential that you read this article start to finish so that you develop a holistic understanding of the topic.

Trust me when I say that you won’t regret spending an extra couple minutes reading this article to ensure you successfully build a lifetime of prosperity.

But that’s enough talk from me. Let me talk about what specifically this opportunity is…

CBD is a booming industry. The magical substance activates the Endocannabinoid system in the body, which unlocks a whole host of healing benefits to your body. I am a huge fan of CBD oil and I use it myself.

The healing benefits of a high-quality CBD oil include lowering your blood sugar levels, relieving anxiety, promoting vitality, improving your digestive system, induces a feeling of serenity and well-being, optimizes cellular health, and supercharges your immune system, among other benefits.

Millions of people worldwide are using CBD oil to provide relief from chronic pain that hasn’t dulled in years. CBD worked when nothing else could.

In fact, numerous people are turning to CBD to steer away from their prescribed pharmaceuticals. This includes pharmaceuticals for anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, depression, muscle tension, migraines, arthritis, nausea, and more.

But not all CBD oil is created equal, and this concept is the focus of this entire passive income idea:

The company that creates the following opportunity is called CTFO, meaning “Changing the Future Outcome.”

CTFO CBD oils are full spectrum, meaning that all 80 of the cannabinoids within the hemp plant are included in the oil. This alone is generally rare on the market.

But that’s not what makes this product special.

CTFO has their patented 10xPure process which creates supercharged, oxygenated CBD oil. This is a process that makes the oil water-soluble without damaging any of the molecules.

Your favorite CBD oil on the market isn’t water soluble, but CTFO CBD oil is. This is so vital because water is the primary constituent of blood, and this means that this is the most bio-available CBD oil on the market.

I have been using it myself and have had tremendous results. I will soon be publishing a full review on the product. (Update to come…)

But Ben, what does this have to do with making money?

CTFO offers the most unique and powerful associate compensation plan that I have ever seen or heard of. Remember, to be a CTFO associate, it is 100% free and there are ABSOLUTELY NO qualifications. In fact, if you’re sold on the idea already, you can sign up right now, right here.

Their plan pays out in four ways. The important thing to keep in mind while I go through this is that these four methods pay out simultaneously; envision four big circles side by side with your payout in each with a big plus sign in between them. This will make more sense soon.

 I will briefly describe the compensation plan to you:

(I will get to this in a second, but in case you prefer to just watch the unbelievable video describing all of this, you can do so here) :

The first way:

-The first way is a 20% referral compensation of anybody who purchases a product through you.

If you’re worried that you don’t want to market something or be a salesperson, DON’T BE. I’ll explain in a second why that is not a logical concern whatsoever;

The second way:

-The second method is a 5-layer uni-level pay system. this is where things start getting intense.

The gist of this is that whoever you refer through your link to be an associate, you receive 20% of anything they buy.

However, you get paid 4% commission through any purchases made from who they refer, who they refer, who they refer, and who they refer, down 5 levels.

In case you’re wondering, this is an INFINITE amount of people you could get paid from. And this is only the SECOND METHOD! Remember, this is in addition to the first method and the next two methods I’m about to describe;

The third way:

-The third level is the CTFO matrix pay. To understand this best, I recommend watching the video, because this concept might be too unreal to properly understand over writing.

The best way I can describe it is the matrix pays down 21 levels with 3 people on the first level, which multiplies by 3 to the following levels. This means that you can be earning profit through the work of 3^21st people. If my math is correct, this means you could be getting paid through the work of over 10 billion people, more people than there are on the globe.

Not only this, but the 21 levels all stack on top of each other, and you earn the combined commission from each.

This means there is literally no limit to the amount of money you earn through this. And remember, this is only the third way;

The fourth way:

And finally, to top it off, we have the CTFO infinity bonus pay.

The infinity bonus pay incentives your business through level ups and achieving higher ranks within the company through people you refer and total sales volume from your network.

As you level up, you earn a certain percentage of total commission volume on top of what you already earn. The truth is, you don’t even need the fourth way to retire wealthy; it’s just icing on the cake and an awesome goal to accomplish.

I couldn’t pretend to understand all of the logistics of the payout plan as well as CTFO does.

This is why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you watch the official compensation plan video.

It is 25 minutes long, but it may be the most exciting 25 minutes of your life when you realize what you’ve stumbled upon. Just a warning: you may need to reach for some oxygen when you reach some of these parts.

Watch the video here:

Multilevel Marketing vs. Pyramid Schemes

This is something that is important to address just in case what I just outlined above sounded unpleasantly familiar to you.

Pyramid schemes are a system in which you pay to partake in the investment and recruit two more people, and the funds from each further person continually goes up the ladder to pay the people at the top. In pyramid schemes, there is a financial incentive to merely recruit more people rather than help sell products. This type of system is ILLEGAL in the United States.

While multilevel marketing has some similarities to pyramid schemes, there are fundamental differences which make it a moral, righteous, and LEGAL operation.

Something that is vital for me to stress is that money is made through CTFO through the SALE OF CTFO PRODUCTS. That’s it.

The Federal Trade commission (FTC) is the governing body which decides if a network marketing company is a scam or not.

One of the biggest red flags that the FTC looks for to determine if a company is a scam is commissions APART from product sales. For example, pyramid schemes pay commissions merely for recruiting people; that is why pyramid schemes are illegal.

CTFO only pays out through the sales of their products; therefore, CTFO is not a scam and is not in any danger of being shut down by the FTC. This is a company that is growing by the thousands daily and transforming lives as we speak! Now it’s time for you to get a piece of this ever-growing pie!

So what should you do now?

By now, you should understand how unreal of an opportunity this is. I have no doubt when I say this is the greatest money making opportunity on the internet.

Your first step is to sign up to become a CTFO associate.

To sign up, you need to be referred by a sponsor.

By following this link, you can sign up under my name. And because I am your sponsor, I am your mentor and partner as well. Any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. that you have, you can run by me! Simply message me through the contact tab on this website!

Here’s the link again, because I don’t want you to miss it!

Once you sign up, you will be provided your VERY OWN CTFO back office, where you receive a host of tools.

Check out your back office!

CTFO provides an entire training course on building your own CTFO business, your links to refer people, and support features.

One of the first things that is vital to get done is setting up your GPG account under your money tab. This is basically your eWallet, and this is how CTFO is going to by paying you your weekly income. Make sure this is finished as soon as possible after signing up. You don’t want to miss out on some of your profits!

The CTFO video training is VITAL!

If you’re serious about creating enormous wealth through this opportunity, why wouldn’t you leverage all of the resources available to you?

Go through the CTFO video training within your CTFO back office, and use the strategies outlined within to build yourself from the ground up!

In my opinion, it is irresponsible not to use all of the knowledge and resources at your disposal. Use EVERYTHING!

I WANT YOU to build an empire:

I want you to refer as many people as possible. By profiting through this, you can jump start your way into living an invincible life and reach levels of freedom you never thought imaginable.

You’ve been longing for that vacation for so long. With this opportunity, it is now within reach.

You don’t need to look at proper nutrition and an invincible life with longing and desire. Combining financial resources with the products that I recommend, you can make them yours soon and be on your way to achieving abundance and fulfillment in life that you never believed possible.

What if you referred 100 people?

And then they referred 100…

And they referred 100…

And they referred 100…

How many people do you want within your network to get paid from?

Get 1 referral a day for the next 100 days! Are you kidding me? You can do that! Inspire 1 person a day with this information, sign them up, mentor them and get them to do the same!

I get paid through your work just as you get paid through your referrals work.

That’s why I want you to MENTOR your referrals the way that I will mentor you.

If your referrals need some inspiration to get started, then point them to this very web page! (After you’ve signed them up, of course; you deserve the bulk share of their profits!)

Never leave your referrals out to fend for themselves. We’re all in this together and we’re all helping each other work towards our idealized life.

You don’t even need a network to get started!

You just need to know a person who knows a person who knows a person.

If you sign up 100 people who might know people who might know people, then your network’s reach is infinite!

This is why I say that literally anybody can accomplish lifelong financial freedom from this! It doesn’t take a huge network or social media following to start off. Literally just begin referring people today! Point them to this website and to the YouTube video that I shared with you. They couldn’t say no!

It is FREE to start, so you’re facing NO price resistance!

“This sounds great and all, but how much does it cost?”

You won’t face ANY of this! It’s FREE!

All you have to do is inspire your network to get off the couch and start referring people.

Again, I can’t think of any logical reason somebody would say no to this. that’s why 1 person a day for 100 days is such a reasonable goal!

Colleagues, coworkers, friends, family…

If they get paid, then you get paid. It’s as simple as that. There is no reason to not refer this to everybody you know.

Who doesn’t want to make more money?

Be a Product of the Product

While I absolutely recommend referring people through your CTFO link to the ends of the earth, I want to point you to the other end of the coin as well…

CTFO CBD oil is a fantastic product and can change countless lives. You’re making money through expanding the reach of a wonderful substance which can enhance the quality of life of an infinite amount of people.

Remember, the way you get paid is through the SALES of CTFO products. That’s why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase and try out the CBD oil to see the effect it has on you, create your won review of it, and then you build your business by selling CTFO products.

(Remember, you get 20% commissions from selling any CTFO product!)

Especially once your commissions raise as you refer more and more people, you are going to have money available to build your brand and promote CTFO products. Help share this life-changing product around the world with me!

Or, if you have a preexisting network, then immediately start selling CTFO products through your associate link! This is such an easy and fast way to get started making money through CTFO.

CTFO CBD Oil is Addicting!

This is why it is so important for you to try out the product itself and observe the effects it has on you.

If you realize that CBD improves your quality of life, then you are going to find yourself subscribing to the monthly purchase of the product…

And once you note this effect on yourself, you can spread the word to your network that they might experience a similar effect themselves.

Once your referrals subscribe to a monthly package of CTFO products, you’re receiving renewing 20% commissions indefinitely! Once you have several people doing this, you can earn a full time income just through referral sales!

Get this all over social media!

Social media is huge in today’s marketing. By leveraging your social media following, you’re going to have a huge head start in building your CTFO brand.

If you aren’t big into social media right now, I highly recommend you get started with it. While it isn’t paramount to build your network into a passive income empire, it is sure going to hasten the process dramatically!

Join the CTFO Facebook pages!

When you get started with CTFO, you want to surround yourself with a community of like-minded people who are chasing the same goals that you are.

Environment is destiny, and by surrounding yourself with people who want to create a passive income empire as well, you are significantly raising the likelihood that you accomplish that!

If you want to join the CTFO Facebook pages, then give me a follow (Benjamin Kuriger on Facebook), and message me that you’d like to join.

Feel free to also go ahead and like my page, The Ben Kuriger Project, for everything wellness and biohacking and the tools and tricks that I am using to live a better life. It’s an awesome resource to check out. Just sayin’.

Just keep going!

Be absolutely relentless with this. If you haven’t made a profit after a short period of time, don’t lose hope with it!

You need to realize that all it takes is one ambitious referral who can change the course of your business forever!

Truthfully, don’t stop until you have referred 100 people.

Once you hit 100 people, keep going even harder! This is critical to building your network continually.

And there you have it.

The world’s most powerful passive income opportunity.

If you are persistent and use this article as an outline for your business approach, then there are absolutely no limitations to what you can accomplish through this.

Go tell your friends and your family TODAY!

Seriously, why would you wait? You have a tremendous opportunity today to go make the world a better place and begin building your empire from the ground up.

Here’s the link again:

If you haven’t signed up yet (not sure why that might be), here’s the link again.

Please leave a comment below.

If you don’t think this is all it is hyped up to be, I am curious why you think that way. Let me know!

If this is empowering, life-changing information for you the same way it is for me, let me know that as well.

Share your successes, your struggles, and your experiences here on this page.

Starting today, we are a family coming together to bring endless value and prosperity to the world, and I want you to comment along your entire journey.


50 thoughts on “MyCTFO CBD Company Review

  1. Interesting article. I have tried CBD Oil and love how well is works and have been telling everyone about it. The idea of being able to get paid for telling people about a product I already love and would recommend to anyone is awesome. I’m going to look into this right away – thanks for sharing

  2. The whole offer sounds almost unreal, but I believe that it’s completely legit opportunity to make money online. I’m always interested in learning more about products that can help a life or two, and I’m looking for an opportunity to start another passive income. As soon as I finish my undergoing project, I might come back to your site and read this post once again. Bookmarked. Thanks!

  3. Interesting article! I haven’t heard anything about the CDB oil and the healing properties that it can have. The offer you present just sounds almost too appealing to be true! Unfortunately , I don’t live in any of the countries mentioned above. Anyway, thanks for sharing this great idea!

  4. You’re right, not all CBD oil is created equal. CFTO seems like a decent opportunity and now is probably a good time to jump aboard because CBD has yet to reach it’s height of popularity. I’d say now more and more people are becoming aware of how powerful it really is.

    The compensation plan seems good too. Of course it’s not going to be for everyone, but you don’t know until you try it.

  5. CFTO is really a legit company. I have been with them for almost 6 months now and yes very rewarding. CBD is a huge industry targeted to reach $20 billion in the next couple of years alone.

    CFTO first started with only two countries, namely US & Canada and now 7 different countries and they are planning to open to more countries. It won’t be long b4 they are available worldwide.

    So Yes, I would definitely recommend people in those listed countries to join , you are at the pioneer level.

  6. Sebastian,
    Thank you for the comment. Stay tuned; CTFO is soon to expand globally!

  7. Thank you for the comment. I’m glad we can get some social proof of this down in the comment section 🙂

  8. I have seen so many ways of making money with so many products, but it is always very hard to decide what product I should go for. I have heard a lot about the benefits of CBD oil and it looks like more and more people are depending on this product because it really works. You know well about online marketing methods. Do you provide training to people who sign up under you?

    Thank you for sharing this making money method.

  9. Mary,
    Simply because of the lack of an upfront cost, I believe this method is so reasonable for everyone. That is why I recommend it so strongly.
    And anybody who signs up under myself will receive the full extent of the methods that I’ve used to build my CTFO business. We would love to have you on board 🙂

  10. Nate,
    Exactly right. Nothing is right for everyone. I think most have a fair shot at this!

  11. I know that CBD Oil is an incredible product that can be used for so many things – from weight loss to helping to reduce the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients. I have a friend with Multiple Sclerosis – she is wheelchair bound and the side effects of the medications she has to take is taking a terrible toll on  her, CBD oil helps her loads. 

    I’m not fond of MLM programs at all, but from what I have heard about this program is all good and of course the product is amazing so while it is not something that I will personally pursue I can see the great value that it offers. I know someone else that is promoting through this program and she says it is amazing. 

  12. Lynne, of course. Everybody has their thoughts on MLM. The issue becomes when recruitment becomes more of the priority than product sales. Of course, CTFO only pays out through product sales, eliminating that issue. Thank you for that insight!

  13. I heard of CBD oil is it is truly the biggest thing now. This is a tremendous opportunity to make money and it is really simple to do. Since it involves helping a person, therefore solving a problem. I am BOOKMARKING this as I love more opportunity to make me more money. With a niche like this, I am pretty sure this opportunity is going to be big. Thanks for sharing. I wish you the best of luck. 

  14. I’d like to try the products out but I’m in Australia so I can’t try them out unfortunately. I’ve done quite a bit of research about CBD and it really does appear to benefit many people across a range of issues. I have quite a few contacts in the US who are with CTFO and a few other CBD companies and they swear by the products. 

    The MLM side of things I personally don’t care for. However if you could clear something up for me that would be great – are you required to have a monthly autoshipment of product to be an affiliate (or distributor) for CTFO? I know all MLMs are different with requirements for purchase. Or is there no such requirement with CTFO? 

    I do wish we could get these products in Australia, I know so many would benefit from them. 

  15. Ben, this is an eye opener. I’ve already bookmarked your page, because I 100% intend on looking more into this once i get my other site where I want it to be.

    What an opportunity! I myself have a strong belief that if you want success in your life, you have to start with your health, and I’m a firm believer in the overall medicinal attributes that cannabis contains. CBD is a booming market right now, and if ever there were a MLM business I’d really consider stepping into, it would probably be in this particular niche.

    I love that you fully spelled out all the benefits of this opportunity, I’m definitely interested in it a LOT more after having read your article. Now that I’m gaining a grasp of online marketing, I’m sure this is something I could handle easily, possibly even in my spare time. If nothing else, with just a little effort on my end, CTFO could provide another simple stream of passive income for my business.

    Thank you for sharing, Ben, seriously. We need more self-sustaining entrepreneurs out here, and companies like this will definitely help that become a reality.


  16. Oh darn, such a shame it’s not available yet in Portugal! I’m looking into CBD oils myself, as I’ve read a lot of good things myself. Do you think it’s good to test a product out yourself first before you start promoting it? And I do have to say that I’m not so fond of MLM systems myself. 

  17. Andy, thank you for your comment! CBD oil is exploding because everybody is thrilled about it’s potential. We would love to have you on board whenever you’re ready. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. I wish you all the best.


  18. I too use and advocate cbd oil – specifically a separate company called Zilis. They too have a patent pending water soluble cbd oil. They also provide other blends specific to certain needs. I have both seen and experienced the benefits of a high quality cbd product! I am glad to see there is another company offering high quality cbd oils. The cbd market is definitely booming and now is the time to get in on the action! Thanks for sharing 

  19. Melissa, thank you so much for your comment. You are not required to have a monthly auto shipment of CTFO products to be an affiliate. That makes it so that if the prices of the products are too high right now, you have a reasonable opportunity to make some money and perhaps purchase the autoshipment if desired.

    And yes, MLM has a controversial history. I like to think that this is a little more ethical and safe for users.

    Thanks again!


  20. Bobby, thank you so much for your reply. I completely agree with you and believe that this is the opportunity that so many online entrepreneurs need. I would love to have you on my team when it suits you and look forward to building something special with you. I wish you the best until then!


  21. So much has been said about this CBD Oils I have heard from friends talk about its usefulness and from your analysis it seems like a profitable venture one cab delve into to make extra income. If one signs up under you is there any initial training on the operational method of selling this product? I need a proper clarification on this before sign up.

  22. Virendra, thank you for the comment! Stay tuned with CTFO, as always!

    I do believe that it is important to test products out before promoting them. This being said, the track record of CTFO CDB oil is quite positive and the promotion of the products and the company is a morale endeavor. In this particular scenario, that would be a question that you would best answer based on your own beliefs 🙂


  23. Sherry, I am glad to hear of other water-soluble CBD oils. In the end, this whole mission is about people getting healthier and living a more complete life!


  24. Yes sir! Your back office comes equipped with a video training series, 6 different affiliate links that you have access to, a webinar page that you can refer prospects to, and live trainings including the replays within the system. It also includes support tickets to answer your questions!

    Let me know if you have further questions my friend!


  25. It was only a couple of days ago someone tried to push CBD oil business to me. 

    Seems like a good idea to get in quick and get a piece of the action. i am also mindful of the fact that this can also go wrong with the popular MLM syndrome of selling over-priced product and compensation plans that cannot be sustained. So things go south pretty quick. 

    I might give this a thought, but i don’t want to go with the FOMO that is been built around it by a lot of marketers. Like get in right now or lose.

    But i might get back to this article once i figure out how to weave this into what i am already doing.

    greate article.

  26. Thank you so much for your comment and consideration Sam. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and in your potential of building this!


  27. Thank you so much Ben for charing another profitable opportunity for us as affiliate marketers.
    Personally ,I ve never heard about The CBD oil and the CTFO products.
    Definitely ,your post was rich with a huge information and tools on how to use this product as a passive income.
    Thanks again and I am going to try to write a review about it soon .

  28. Would love to find out when this is available in Australia, as a suffer of depression and anxiety its definitely something I would to try

  29. Hi! I initially couldn’t tell the difference between Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Schemes. But as I have been soaking information online, I have come to the point of esteeming some Multilevel Marketing opportunities.

    I’m impressed with all the compensation plans you have mentioned here. And I must confess I don’t understand them all. So, I’ll watch the 25 minutes video. Thank you very much!

  30. Henry, thank you so much for the comment. Please enjoy that video, haha. I would love to have you on my team if this is of interest to you! 


  31. It is my pleasure to share this with you my friend! I would love to have you on my team of associates and begin building income with you if that is of interest to you. Cheers!

  32. Anthony, I will update as soon as it does! Fingers crossed that expansion takes place quickly!

  33. Hey Ben –  thank you for such an informative article! CTFO sounds like a solid company and the compensation/payout plan seems great. I really appreciate that you took the time to discuss the differences between MML vs. Pyramid Schemes, they can look similar, but I believe more companies are trying to be as fair as possible with their direct sales commissions. I personally love CBD and use it everyday for my chronic pain!

  34. Hey Ben –  thank you for such an informative article! CTFO sounds like a solid company and the compensation/payout plan seems great. I really appreciate that you took the time to discuss the differences between MML vs. Pyramid Schemes, they can look similar, but I believe more companies are trying to be as fair as possible with their direct sales commissions. I personally love CBD and use it everyday for my chronic pain!

  35. I haven’t yet tried CBD oil myself but I think this field is growing rapidly. CTFO looks like a great opportunity for me to start and thank you for composing such detailed post about it. People have been confused about pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing but I think there is no better explanation than this one right here. I will definitely check it out through your link. Look forward to more awesome posts like this in the future.

  36. Thanks for the review on passive income. I will take your word for it and wait to read the review on the CTFO CBD oil. What kind of CBD product do you use? I am currently using the tincture for my cramps and back pain. I would love to explore the better version of CBD (I am currently using Terra Med). What if I just want to try out the product first, do I need to subscribe? I have to see if the product works for me then I will have the confidence to sell the product. Thanks in advance.

  37. Thank you for the comment Sara! Awesome to have fellow CBD users here!

    Wishing you all the best!


  38. I booked marked this so i can finish reading before bed.  Then maybe 7 more times.  Thanks for the value here.  It’s nice to learn from those who have come thru the ranks.  I have the same feeling about Spam! lol

    Thanks for the content and value.  I will definitely read more and educate myself from you.  Thank you for the lessons.

    Make it a great Day!  Salute!

    Chris McIntosh

  39. Thank you for sharing this opportunity. I’ve searched the internet twice and back again and like you, I’ve lost plenty of money searching for that perfect program or perfect system that will make me a passive income. Your CTFO CBD Oil sounds interesting to say the least, I am definitely interested in learning more about it. Thanks again for this information!

  40. This was an interesting article about CTFO. As to this being the world’s best way to make money online was something I was hoping to get an answer to while reading through the post. If you are a user of CBD this may be a good thing, but let’s face it, there is a limited audience for the product, although it is growing. 

    If each person recruits 100 people, it will not take long for everyone in the globe to be signed up, and there will be nobody left to sign up. As you say, each associate can get paid by up to 10 billion others who also can be associated. The problem is the math doesn’t work out well…

    To make a lot of money at this you are going to have to become a salesperson, as in much of your time will be spent on recruiting more associates, because they will buy and find more associates so they too can make money.  

    The CTFO products prices are below some competitors’ prices. That is a point in their favor. Then the question comes up about quality. Can the quality be maintained when the price is 25% lower than their competitor’s products?  Am I really getting what I am paying for, and is the testing used really providing accurate results…

    On your chances of success making money…Statistically, 95% or more of members make nothing or little. They end up losing money due to the cost of remaining qualified to receive commissions and often have a closet full of product they have to buy but cannot sell.

    This may not be the case with CTFO, although I would be interested in the figures to see. At least there is no minimum spend to be qualified to earn commissions. That is good. 

    I guess it all comes down to whether you want to be a salesperson recruiting face to face people and selling CBD, which can be high-stress work where you will face lots of rejection or do something else to make money…

    Thanks for the very detailed layout of the CTFO opportunity, I really do have a better understanding of how CTFO works. Whether this is the world’s best way to make money online is debatable. Personally, I do not mind making sales calls and meeting people, but many do not want this to be the main focus.

  41. Ben, I read your article with great interest. On several levels. I am a charter member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors. My IRA investments is dominated in this market. I also have network marketing experience with a wellness company called USANA. I struggled with them and not active any more. Also I am very active on social media. 

    OK then let me comment on your article. You brought up a  wonderful opportunity in a very intriguing manner. You maintained the mystery until your great reveal half way through. Placing a video strategically was a brilliant move. Your call to action was a no brainer. 

    I decided to write my comments before I look at the video as I didn’t want to delay getting you my comments. I have a question in connection with Wealthy Affiliate, How active are you in using the tools and strategies taught there to promote your CBD Oil business? Being in WA is it OK for me to sign up on a article where I provide comments? 

    Rest assured I shall be getting back to you. I’m bookmarking your site. 

  42. I came across your post while looking for a free way to make money online but I didn’t think it would have anything to do with CBD. Nevertheless, I am quite interested in this niche due to my profession in the medical line. Where I live, cannabis is still illegal so I am not sure how this program is going to work for me. 

    There’s no way I could order and try the product here so how am I to refer this company to others? Also, I realized that a telephone number is required as part of the enrollment. Is that necessary? I don’t want to receive promotional phonecalls though.

  43. Hey Cathy,

    No promotional phone calls! No worries about that 🙂

    If these products are not yet available where you live, then I would advise you to remain patient and refer back to see if it has been updated.

    Cheers 🙂

  44. Thank you so much for your comment Edwin!
    It is absolutely ok for you to sign up through this article! There will be no issues there.
    Using the tools on WA to promote your CTFO business is a no-brainer! I incorporate those elements together every single day.
    I would love to have you on my team. I look forward to hearing back from you!

  45. Dave, thank you so much for your insights.
    You raise fair points. I do know a plethora of people making money from this system. I believe it is a powerful way to build passive income steadily.
    I appreciate your comment my friend!

  46. Thank you so much for your comment Sharon!
    We would love to bring you aboard if you are interested. In the meantime, I wish you all the best.

  47. Thank you for your comment Chris!
    Salute to you as well good friend. I wish you the best!

  48. Thank you so much for your post Jayden! I would love to have you on my team if you are interested. In the meantime, I wish you all the best!

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